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Tiryntha (Agolida)

Τιρυνθα Κυκλωπεια τειχηIn the inmost part of the Argolic Gulf, in a short distance from Nafplio, the citadel of Tiryntha appears imposing over a rocky hill 16 m. high. The oldest settlement on the hill is estimated to date in the Neolithic era (ca. 5.000 B.C.). Many more settlements followed, but were almost completely destroyed by the large scale formations of the Mycenaean era. From the settlement of the Early Bronze Age (2500-2000 B.C.) there are many remains that indicate the existence of a series of arched buildings, as well as a humongous circular building (diameter 28 m.) on the highest point of the hill. The findings from the excavations in Tiryntha are being displayed in the National Archaeological Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio.


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