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Acrocorinth (Corinthia)

ΑκροκορινθοςIt is the most important fortification work of the region from antiquity to recent times. The history of this castle is connected with the history of Corinth. Parts of the ancient pre-Christian walls can be seen, together with walls dating from the Byzantine era, as well as from the Frankish, the Venetian and the Ottoman occupation periods. The castle can be approached from its western side starting from the point of today’s village of Ancient Corinth. The fortification is ensured with a system of three circuit walls that are separated from each other with walls strengthened with towers. On the higher of the two hill tops we can see remains of the temple of Venus, where a Christian temple and then a Turkish mosque were later built. The second top, at the southwest edge of the abrupt rock, was fortified in the Frankish domination period and constituted the internal citadel of the fortress. There are remains of churches, mosques, houses, fountains and reservoirs behind the second and third circuit wall.


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